Da Invincible


Da Invincible was a game developed as a second year project, our goal was to take the best aspects of Super Crate Box and DOOM to make a game. You find yourself in an arena where boxes are dropped, every box gives you 1+ score and a new weapon of a certain rarity. As the game progresses swarm of enemies will invade the arena until the player is overtaken.


I was in charge of creating the weapon systems and combat systems, so for the first few weeks I made a system in unreal that would generate a random type of weapon with various firing rate and damage, this was to fit the Super Crate Box gameplay.

Then I looked into a procedural weapon generation by using various meshes to create a weapon, however this idea was scrapped due to development time and scope. However to keep things interesting I added a rarity to the weapons that would let us add effects to the weapons such as piercing or different stats. This added a bit more variety in the weapon choice.





Gameplay Programmer


6 weeks


Unreal Engine 4.19


Programming Combat systems

Programming Weapon Functionality


DreamHack Atlanta

A few months after the development of this project I flew with two members of my team to showcase the game at dreamhack atlanta. We met amazing people who tried our game and gave us a ton of feedback or just had fun beating the record from every machine.

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