Captain Starshot


This is a roguelite where the player has to board ships in order to get powers and advance. The player has a crew which are used to store the various power Ups that the player picks up.


For the game we needed to procedurally generated the space environment and ship interiors, so we decided to use Grammar graphs and I was reponsible for making a tool that would let designers create rules for the generation. (see Universe Tool)


Additionally I was the Tech Lead for the team, planning out the various sprints and making sure we cut features that we deemed unnecessary. I also took on some game play programmer tasks such as various managers to spawn pickups and enemies inside and outside of ships.





Lead Programmer
Tool Programmer
Gameplay Programmer


9 months


Unreal 4.21


- Creation of a tool to let designers create rules for the generation of the world.
- Responsible for Planning programming tasks for the sprints, aswell as serve as a main communication point between other divisions.

- Gameplay Systems such as spawning systems and Data Persistance.


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